29 Terrible Parents in Department Stores

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They broke every rule in the book.

If you've ever thought you might be a bad parent, think again. Judging by the behavior captured in these photos, these 29 parents turned off their natural parenting instincts as soon as they stepped outside their homes on the days these pics were taken. Truly, these horrendous parenting fails will not only destroy your faith in humanity and make you laugh through the pain, but also make you feel like the best parent to ever walk the face of the Earth. In addition to exhibiting neglect, child endangerment, and possible violation of child labor laws, these parents did all of those things in department stores -- arguably the worst kinds of stores. Honestly, the behavior in this list is appalling: These parents got away with everything from inflicting cruel and unusual punishment upon children to exposing their children to very adult experiences. And the worst part is that they did it all in public! These parents really thought they were engaging in socially acceptable activities. However, had they not also heard of the Internet, where bad behavior is not only documented but commented upon with incisive statements like "FIRST COMMENT" and "Boobz lol?" Actually, these are probably the people who type those things. Get Started