You Won't Believe These Hilarious Perfectly Timed Kids' Photos

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How'd they GET that shot?

Taking good photos of kids, as any parent or relative knows, is a nearly impossible task. They don't sit still, they fight, they look away from the camera, they look down Aunt Sally's tank top, they barf. If you're trying to get a good shot of them playing sports, or doing something active, you probably almost always miss the exact moment. Admit it -- getting that perfect shot of kids is like grabbing the brass ring, right?

Sometimes you accidentally actually get the perfect photo, although it may not have been what you were going for. A photo as you're tossing your baby in the air... to a stork overhead? How'd that happen? Or the priceless reaction of a mom whose daughter fell off a huge log just as the camera went off, or kids getting a sports ball right in the face. (You know you laughed.) Maybe the dog kicked your son in the groin right before you snapped the shot. You didn't WANT that photo but you caught it anyway, and it's hilarious!

Let's check out some candid images of kids that you'll think for sure were Photoshopped, but someone caught at JUST the right moment! Get Started