29 Hilariously TMI Parents Who Should Be Banned From Social Media and Texting Forever

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These parents need boundaries.

Wow, these parents need a tutorial in "What is and is NOT okay" to say! Some parents get it. They have social media and know how to text proficiently. They may share pictures or mundane updates about the grocery store or their trip to the beach, but it's all within the bounds of decency.

And then there are those egregiously TMI parents who have no idea where the line is and that they just crossed it. Big time. They may share gross details about their child's bodily functions online or text totally inappropriate hanky panky details to their own children. Whatever the offense, whether sharing something about their baby on Facebook that will mortify the child when they're older, or telling their teenage kids some lurid detail about their nighttime activities with their father, these hilariously clueless parents definitely need an electronic time out.

We've rounded up the craziest, most traumatizing examples of parents who share way, WAY too much with others. And the worst part? It's ALL written down. So the poor Facebook friends and family members who received these OMFG posts and texts have seen things they can never, ever unsee. Lucky for you, these aren't your parents! So sit back and get ready to laugh at the hilariously unbelievable things these parents should never have said. Get Started