33 Hilarious Back-To-School Fails

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Learning was never so funny!

33 unbelievable back-to-school fails that really happened. yikes! If most parents dread the LAST day of school, they certainly LOVE the first day, when summer is over and so are the months of kids' endless screaming about how bored they are and fighting over the pool toys. Once that glorious day comes, you can practically hear parents the world over clinking glasses and congratulating each other over mimosas for getting through the dreaded days of vacation. To bring an even bigger smile to you long-suffering parents out there, we'd like to help celebrate with these hilariously tragic back-to-school fails we can't believe happened.

We're talking school marquees with egregious misspellings, like the word "whore" instead of "where" or "Wellcome back!" Doesn't the school staff who put those up know how to read? Did they not graduate second grade? Some of these signs boast about their school's SAT scores but are riddled with obvious errors. But the absolute best are the store advertisements aimed at back-to-school shoppers that are either misplaced or misguided, we're not sure which. Like back-to-school ads for discounted adult beverages, condoms, pregnancy tests, even maternity pants. (Is there some sort of pattern here?)

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