31 Hilariously Jacked Up Bootleg Toys

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Making toys is difficult, apparently. You have to figure out the means of production, deal with licensing rights, find a way to underpay your workers, get a whole factory set up, and worst of all, you have to come up with ideas for hot new toys! Ugh, could it be any harder? Given that so much goes into it, you might be tempted to simply make bootleg, crapified versions of already existing commercial properties. After all, why wouldn't you? Well, we have a whole host of examples why you wouldn't. Oh, lordy, do we. See, the problem with bootleg toys is that -- especially if English isn't your first language and you change the name in subtly hilarious ways -- eventually photos of your toy disaster will make their way online and some smug internet jackhole (hi, that's me) will then make fun of you for them, like...a whole bunch. From a terrifying Mickey Mouse to Alien-Man to Mr. T's Mighty Car to Spader-Man, there are a lot of hilarious bootleg missteps out there, and I will enjoy mocking all of them, thank you very much. Ready to see some of the most buck wild, jacked up bootleg toys out there? Here are 31 of them. Get Started