29 Hilarious Pics Of Children Who Are Too Bundled Up

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It's just not that cold... ever.

Parents want to protect their children -- it's pretty much their number-one priority. We get it. Sometimes, however, overprotective parents who live in colder climates feel a little bit extra when they dress their wee ones for winter weather. First, ask yourself how long will your child be outdoors. Are we talking about a quick walk to the car or a 20-mile trek across the tundra? Is it 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside or 40 below? How many layers of clothing do you think your precious bundle of joy requires? Is it important for your child to be able to move their limbs or, heck, turn their head from left to right? You may think it's adorable to dress your kid like a giant fluffy bear or Arctic animal, but if the ultimate goal is for the child to be able to have even basic motor functions, you may want to save the costume for Halloween. Another hilarious strategy is when a parent puts layer after layer on their child, but leaves some body parts (hands? ears?) curiously exposed when nothing else is.

If you live in a part of the world that gets cold or has winter, well, we're sorry. We all have to do our best. Now try not to laugh too hard at these hapless kids who look ready for a night outside on planet Hoth. Get Started