27 Signs You Have A Toddler

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Cute. Messy. Loud AF. Toddlers.

Aww, babies are so cute, right? They coo, they gurgle, they stare at you lovingly, while being very still, because, you know, they can't move.

Fast-forward a year or two and the game has changed, big time! That precious lump is now a running, talking, shouting, climbing, constantly moving toddler. While kids age one to three are still adorable, they bring a host of new challenges. Keeping tabs on a tiny person with boundless curiosity, energy and no fear, while managing their growing desire for independence without losing your sanity is no small task (anyone who has watched a toddler insist they can work a zipper or secure a button themselves knows exactly what we mean).

Parenting a toddler is a pretty universal experience. There are things virtually ALL toddlers do and say, and reactions virtually every parent will have. While it can be exhausting and you will most certainly ask yourself, Um, why is she screaming?? I just gave her exactly what she asked for!, the toddler years are also full of hilarious mishaps.

Paw Patrol colony living behind your sofa? We've been there. Read on for more telltale signs you live with a toddler. Get Started