29 Hilarious Truths Every Parent Can Relate To

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What the baby books don't tell you.

Parenting is a wild ride. It's one of the only jobs you can get with zero training or certification. Just do your thing and nine months later...you've got a tiny human! Who you have to take care of! All the time. Good luck with that.

It can be overwhelming. Your life is no longer your own, you barely sleep and your needs take a backseat to everything your new, highly demanding roommate needs (which is, oh, everything). Along the way, things get messy. Very loud. And oftentimes, amidst the chaos, hilarious.

As your children get older, each new stage brings a new set of challenges and rules. And guess what? Even if you thought you knew what was coming, you will always be surprised! Anyone who's been a parent knows the job requires an enormous amount of planning, creativity, improvisation and so, SO so much patience. Unearthly amounts, really. (And snacks. Lots of snacks.)

If you're a parent, we guarantee you will have experienced most of these hilarious parenting truths firsthand. For a good laugh, or just to know you're not alone, read on. We've all been there! Get Started