29 Obnoxious Things To Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

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Behold the cluelessness.

29 worst things you can say to a pregnant woman. People get excited when they see pregnant women. Whether because they have children of their own, want them or are simply re-living their long lost baby days through the mom-to-be, seeing a woman with child can elicit some pretty unbelievable questions and comments from others.

There are myriad clueless things people say to pregnant women. And by "clueless" we mean invasive, inappropriate and sometimes just plain rude. As a pregnant woman undergoes physical transformation somehow her body becomes public property, open to comment, critique, question and always unfunny "jokes" from family, coworkers and strangers alike.

When did this trend of strangers feeling entitled to say whatever one wants to an expectant mother start? Perhaps it's been going on since the dawn of time; maybe it is a more modern occurrence in this "share everything" age. We don't know, but we know we don't like it! Not only do people - that includes you, family members - need to keep their traps shut about a pregnant woman's size, looks, choices and labor and delivery preferences, they also need to realize that their comments can be hurtful.

So here is a list of what NOT to say to a pregnant woman. Ever. Unless you are completely terrible. You're welcome! Get Started
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