27 Most Hilarious Notes Parents Left For Their Kids

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These kids had it coming.

Parents are lame. Parents are stiff. Parents don't get it. Those are a few of the statements you will no longer believe after reading these hilarious notes from parents to their kids!

As a child, it is not uncommon to think the parental units are super uncool. After all, it's been a while since the oldies who birthed you were young, mischievous and carefree. And when they were, you can't possibly imagine them doing anything they weren't supposed to, or even less plausible, something cool. Yep, parents are all rules and no play, the lamest of the lame, out of touch, embarrassing weirdos who have no sense of humor. Or, so we think.

Enter these parents, full of sass and sarcasm that will shred you. They've had it with their kids' BS and expertly tell them, point blank to cut it out and get with the program, or there will be some hell to pay.

Delivering a withering to their offspring is a skill these parents have mastered. From the benign to the more eye-popping offenses, you best watch how you behave around these moms and dads. You've been warned. Get Started