29 Hilarious Photos Of Parents Who Are Extra AF

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These parents are way too much.

Being a parent is the greatest. But sometimes, you tend to go buck wild as a mom or dad and let the unique, fun challenges of motherhood and fatherhood get to you. Some people would call that being EXTRA as hell.

The esteemed Urban Dictionary, ever a wonderful source of information for clever, online slang terms, defines the word "extra" as thus: over the top, excessive, dramatic behavior, doing the absolute d*mn most, or just "way too much." Does that sound like anyone you know? Here's an example of it being used in a sentence: "Jennifer was very extra when she insisted on cooking five desserts for Thanksgiving when we only needed one."

So if your parents were EXTRA (or if they still are!) this slideshow is full of pictures and screenshots from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook that will make you roar with laughter. Don't get extra with me! Get Started