29 Pieces Of Parenting Advice To Follow If You're A Monster

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Who comes up with this stuff?

When you have a baby, friends, family, strangers and the entire Internet will pop out of the woodwork to give you, without any solicitation, what they think is awesome advice. Everyone wants to share their war stories and pass down their wisdom (even if it's from a one or two generations ago). A small portion of it is helpful, but a lot of it just plain sucks.

While people bearing advice are well-meaning, it can be a real pain in the butt to field tips from your mother-in-law, who recommends giving your hungry, exclusively breastfeeding newborn some lasagna to "fill him up" and still thinks washing kids' mouths out with soap is a grand idea.

We know, everyone just wants to live vicariously through you during this joyful time in your life. They want to nostalgically remember their own early parenting days and see them through rose-colored glasses (instead of the colossal sh*t show they really were).

So you could be a gracious listener and just take it in stride! Or you could give bad advice mad side-eye like we do.

Here are the 29 worst parenting tips we have ever heard. Read on to find out what NOT to do. Get Started