25 Hilarious Tweets About Kids Movies That All Parents Will Relate To

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After the 10th viewing, it should be considered torture.

Parents have a lot of opinions and a lot of different parenting styles, but one thing they all have in common is the endless torture of watching the same dang cartoon movies over and over and over. Even if you're not a parent, all I have to do is say the word "frozen" and you get a full mental picture of two young girls in their icy wonderland who like to sing and ask each other to build snow people. Or you picture all 300 of last year's trick-or-treaters. Once Frozen started to ease its grip on our pop culture throats, there were others waiting in line to take its place. Disney princesses. Trolls. Talking animals. Super heroes. And you can't ever just enjoy these films as a family and move on. They become the background noise for your entire life for months and months and months. It's enough to drive any parent bonkers and we haven't even scratched the surface of toys, backpacks, lunch boxes, birthday party themes, and clothes -- because if there's a movie your kids love, there's also a small fortune in merch waiting to make your life as broke as it is miserable. Oh, and a soundtrack for you to listen to in the car. Ha, and you thought you could escape. There is no escape. Naturally, not all parents take this part of parenting laying down. Some of them have begun to take a stand. These parents took to Twitter to let off some of that parental steam and the results are hilarious! See how many of these you can relate to! Get Started