29 Hilarious Halloween Photos Of Costumed Kids Who Won At Life

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These kids probably don't even know what their costumes are!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Every year, millions of people gather together on October 31st to celebrate this spooky holiday: Halloween. Traditions involve carving a jack-'o-lantern out of a pumpkin, going trick or treating, and watching scary movies. However, the most popular tradition for Halloween is this: dressing up! Putting on a costume to basically turn yourself into a whole other person (or character!) is one of Halloween's most enduring appeals.

What's your favorite costume that you wore growing up? Maybe you can't remember, or maybe your mom took dedicated photos each and every year for you to look back on today. But the most memorable costumes are ones not worn by intoxicated adults, but those worn by COOL KIDS! Maybe these kids don't even fully get the joke, but they still look absolutely witty doing it.

So yeah, sometimes your children are too young to pick out their own costumes for Halloween, and that's where you step in. Your child is basically a blank canvas for clever adult references that they won't even get. Who cares? It's HILARIOUS and they'll have great pictures to go with it later. We found some of the funniest kid Halloween costumes on the internet. These photos are hysterical! Get Started