31 Hilarious Baby Photoshoot Pinterest Fails

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These were as amazingly bad as I was hoping for (and I had high hopes).

The website Pinterest is full of gorgeous photos of angelic sleeping newborn babies on soft blankets to inspire you to have babies or get an elaborate photo shoot for the babies you already have. Newborn photography is like the most exciting and adorable projects than any photographer can do! Obviously newborn babies are precious children from heaven above who must have their likeness forever depicted in a picture for future generations to swoon over. And newborn babies sleep like 90% of the time, right?

Over here in reality, however, it turns out that taking the perfect photo of your baby is a lot harder than it looks. It gets even harder when you start including ill-advised props like hammocks, gumballs, baskets... or worst of all, other siblings. The poor older sibling has to get used to a brand new baby on top of having to deal with some ill-advised photo shoot? No thanks. Seriously though, note to parents: elaborate props only make things worse. Just don't do it. Make the newborn pictures as simple as possible.

Still, it's impossible not to laugh at these tragic misfires from parents who tried to copy a baby photo shoot from Pinterest. We've found some of our favorites and put them in a slideshow. What do you think? Get Started