In the 1930s, it was believed babies should get as much fresh air as possible. To that end, parents would suspend their babies from apartment windows -- in cages! Most one year olds are ambidextrous, but by age two or three favor the right hand. 90% of Americans are right handed, the most in the world. The record for having the most children goes to a Russian peasant woman in the 1700s. She had 69 children in 27 pregnancies, including four sets of quadruplets. In the 1920s, parents were discouraged from cuddling their kids, which is why those old-timey photos show kids in oversized shoes and baskets instead of Mom's lap. 42% of teenagers can text with their eyes closed, but they're usually ignoring their parents' messages. It was once believed you could cure common childhood illnesses like croup or cold with kerosene and turpentine.