31 Hilariously Bad Pregnancy Photos That Need To Be Stopped

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Created by
Anna Marquardt
Nov 14, 2017

Oh, mama.

37 cringe-inducingly awkward pregnancy photos. Creating memories of the time while you were pregnant is a beautiful idea that you can share with your child someday. That's all these people wanted to do. To remember the short time in their lives when a human was growing inside of them (or their partner). Being pregnant is simultaneously one of the most ordinary things in the world - but also sort of miraculous! So it's easy to see WHY these people wanted to cherish this period of their lives. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. These photos turned out a little...odd. When you find yourself pregnant in a field, holding a dead turkey, it's time to ask yourself, "How did I get here? When did my life become...this?" These people not only got to that point, but they still looked the photographer right in the face and said, "You know what? Go ahead. Take that photo. This is how I want to remember the days before I gave birth. This photograph is ME." And now we all have these gloriously weird pictures. Whether it's a bizarre pose, a weird prop, or just a lot of bad choices, they're all hilarious warnings of what NOT to do! Start Slideshow
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