Do You Know Everything About Parenting?

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My poor child is doomed.

93% of parents can't pass this parenting quiz. Raising kids isn't for wimps. Every time you think you have a handle on things, a new phase starts, and brings with it its own fresh hell. There are good times, too. But a lot of it is learn-as-you-go. How much do you know about parenting? Is it EVERYTHING? People love to talk about the joys of parenting, but they act like parenting is just a collection of glowing moments and cheeky baby smiles and clumsy first steps. If you scan parenting Instagram accounts, they look like love letters to the universe for giving these people perfect families with perfect babies. Fat-cheeked babies in hand-made, fair trade, organic cotton outfits and glowing earth goddess mothers and super emotionally available and supportive fathers who beam with the smug but stylish glow that only perfect parents get to beam. Totally not true.Like, total and utter nonsense. I challenge you to find me a parent who hasn't found a bottle or sippy of some kind of rotted beverage that was a potential public waste hazard situation. I challenge you to find me a parent who hasn't been so sleep deprived that they poured breast milk into their coffee and coffee into their baby. It happens! Sure, sometimes parenting is wonderful (times infinity) but also sometimes parenting just sucks. Sometimes you wake up and there's poop everywhere and you contemplate moving. Sometimes you feel like you would sell your babies to pirates in order to get some sleep or to pee by yourself for once. Sometimes you turn your back for 3 seconds and your kid has unleashed a path of destruction that makes you believe they have magical powers they use for evil. Let’s Play
About Parenthood

Parenthood gives you a timeout from the kids with plenty of laugh-out-loud humor and good advice. We bring you the funniest parenting fails, the craziest kid moments, the most feel-good family stories, plus some seriously useful parenting hacks you won't know how you lived without. And after a long day with the kids - or even a short trip to the store with the kids - mom and dad definitely need something to laugh about.

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