23 Reasons Baby Boomers Were Way Better Parents Than These Darn Millennials

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Ugh, Millennials.

23 hilarious examples of millennials ruining parenting. Baby Boomers parented with a little thing called common sense. We raised our kids with discipline and taught them manners and an American work ethic. You didn't just get an allowance. You had to do your chores in order to EARN it. You didn't mouth off at your parents. You didn't disrespect your elders. You didn't give your teacher a hard time in school. Well, you didn't if you wanted to avoid a swift kick in the pants. That's right. We weren't afraid to discipline our kids, either. And we didn't call the authorities every time someone got a crack on the behind or got sent to bed without supper. But not you precious angels. Now we're seeing these snowflake millennial parents with their selfies and their organic gluten free food ruining the foundation we created. You're lining up for your participation trophies and fighting for socialism like good men and women haven't died to defeat communism and other enemies of democracy. And you're passing this dumb crap on to your kids. It's a dang shame, if you ask me. I think the whole generation of these hipster, Snapchat, Bernie Sanders, unicycle riders need their parents and grandparents to come in and teach them a thing or two about how to turn a baby into an upstanding citizen of the world who doesn't make everyone they come in contact with want to throw their hands up in defeat. Here are 23 especially dumb ways millennials are ruining the next generation.

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